Fibroblast Plasma Treatment

Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening

Fibroblast treatment can work on all areas of the face and body where there is loose skin or wrinkles.  It will tighten loose skin and smooth out wrinkles.

How does fibroblast work 

The Plasma treatment works by stimulating the dermis without damaging it and fibroblast cells will be stimulated to produce collagen and elastin, thereby tightening areas of loose skin.

If you are interested in this treatment please book in for a consultation.

Fibroblast Plasma Training 

We also train therapists to perform this treatment and have a level 4 qualification. Please ask for details of training dates and prices – Be one of the first salons in your area to offer this treatment

Dermaplane Facial Training Course

Dermaplane Facial Training

We have a new level 4 dermaplane training course available.  It is a level 4 and includes LED light therapy.

Dermaplane treatment removes  dead skin cells and the fine light hair on the face.  It is a relaxing treatment that diminishes fine lines, clears pores and gives skin that soft feel and a beautiful glow.  It is fast becoming a very popular treatment.

If you would like to be trained to perform this treatment safely and effectively get in touch with Gill for details of price and course dates.

Vitamin C for skin

Vitamin C for skin

Vitamin C is an ingredient with powerful properties and is an essential for a healthy complexion.  It is vital for collagen production and improving skin tone.  Topical vitamin C will reduce the appearance of ageing including fine lines and hyperpigmentation.  Vitamin C will help prevent sun damage it can increase the effectiveness of your SPF cream as well as lighten dark spots caused from sun damage.

Vitamin C for anti ageing

Introducing topical vitamin C into your skincare routine helps to promote a radiant complexion as you get older naturally fades from the skin so introducing it as part of your routine will enhance the brightness and radiance of your skin as well as diminish those fine lines.

Vitamin C and acne

If you suffer from blemishes or acne scarring vitamin C is a must, it is packed with anti inflammatory  properties.  This will reduce redness and improve marks left from spots.

Antioxidant facial and products

At Purity we have an antioxidant facial which uses products high in vitamin C and we also sell an amazing cleanser packed with vitamin C.  Ask for details


Microblade and Micropigmentation Training Courses

Micro blade Training Course

Micro blade brows have become one of the most popular treatments in the last couple of years.  We offer a VTCT level 4 course in Micro blading, this is a very new qualification and we are already passing students on this course.

Micro pigmentation Training Course

Micro pigmentation is done with a machine and you have the advantage on this course of being taught to perform, brow, lip and eyelash liner treatments.

It is a requirement of many councils that you have a level 4 qualification in order to be licensed to do these treatments and it is well worth remembering that many insurance policies are invalid if you are not licensed.  We do offer upgrades to level 4 qualifications if you are already competent in the treatments but want to become fully legal

Contact me for more details.

Purity Beauty and Skin Clinic is the VTCT approved centre for Advanced Aesthetics  International Surrey


Hydrating Facial in Chessington

Facial for dehydrated skin

Keeping your skin hydrated is a constant commitment.  Skin is the last organ of the body to absorb hydration from your body so even drinking the required amount of water can be insufficient. ,

Dehydrated skin is a condition that can affect any skin type,  even oily skin can be dehydrated.

The best way to keep your skin hydrated, along with drinking water is a good moisturiser and in particular products that contain hyaluronic acid.

Facial at Purity

At Purity Beauty and Skin Clinic we offer  a range of facials for all skin types and conditions and have products to address dehydrated skin.

Come to Purity for a relaxing facial and if your skin is dehydrated we will deep cleanse, exfoliate and use a mask containing hyaluronic acid and an intensive moisturiser to finish.



Banish the onset of fine lines and wrinkles

Tips for prevention of fine lines and wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles are unavoidable – this statement is in fact incorrect.

Up to 90%of visible ageing is caused by repeated sun DAMAGE  – This wont happen immediately and sun damage can over a period of years considerably worsen the condition of your skin. Make sure you wear sun protection every day and NEVER allow your skin to burn or go red- this will cause damage and ageing in years to come.

Cut down on sugar – excess sugar can damage the collagen in your skin, causing it to harden and create sagging and wrinkles.

Stop stressing – stress can accelerate cellular ageing and this leads to fine lines and wrinkles.

Treat your skin well – moisturise and exfoliate.  Microdermabrasion is an effective anti wrinkle treatment and a fantastic way to kick-start your skin regime. Regular facials will help revive your skin and prevent unnecessary ageing and address any problems you have with your skin

Why wait – act now

Your skin and stress

Your skin shows your stress

Stress doesn’t just put pressure on our health it brings a multitude of skin complaints. Your stress could be causing acne, wrinkles,   blotchy and dry patches.  Even day to day problems can heighten or trigger skin problems.  When you get stressed your body can produce cortisol, a hormone that can thicken hair follicle cells and increase oil production, the perfect recipe for acne.  Stress can also trigger chemicals from nerve endings that can leave skin red and itchy.

Treatments for stress include

  • meditation
  • acupuncture
  • massage
  • facials

All the above help you relax and sooth the skin.  Make it your routine to have regular facials to address and skin concerns and to help you relax.

We have a variety of facials to help you relax

  •  30 minute facial to address problem area
  • a 60 minute facial with shoulder and face massage for ultimate relaxation
  • microdermabrasion facial for amazing exfoliation and relaxation
  • Oxygen facial to renew and tone your skin while you relax

Make an appointment today and treat your mind, body and your skin.


Are your feet summer ready

What you can expect from a pedicure at Purity Beauty

At Purity we know how to spoil you when it comes to pedicures.  You can relax on our fabulous pedicure chairs while you soak your feet.  This is followed by exfoliation to remove dead skin and nail shape and file.

We will apply our new product Sole Solution to combat dry skin on your heels and soles.  This treatments is the most effective treatment we have found for keeping feet soft.

All finished off with a polish of your choice.  There you have it summer ready feet and a lovely relaxing pedicure

Book your pedicure  now while we have our June offer available and why not add in a manicure


6 positive effects of using a sunbed

As  well as giving you a great tan sunbeds can be beneficial and actually have positive benefits on your health.

Vitamin D is required for good health and UV B rays in natural sunlight, as well as from a sunbed are vital for production of vitamin D.

Here are my top 6 positive effects from using a sunbed – you may be surprised!

  • Helps reduction in cholesterol levels
  • improves calcium supply – positive effect on bone structure
  • Helps certain skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne
  • Lowering effect on blood pressure
  • Activation of happy hormones – endorphins.

Come and try for yourself  – at Purity we promote healthy safe tanning.


Its only semi permanent makeup, why does it matter who does it for me

Should you be fussy who does your semi permanent makeup?

Absolutely yes,  semi permanent makeup is called that because unlike a tattoo it wont be visible forever.  But don’t be fooled it can still remain visible for years.  So, yes it does matter who preforms the treatment.  Bad semi permanent brows are not easy or cheap to get rid of so chose your semi permanent makeup artist very carefully.

Never have a treatment from anyone who doesn’t

  • offer a skin/ allergy test
  • happily show you photos of their work
  • talk to you competently about the treatment
  • explain the after care requirements
  • give you time to consider if you want to book
  • use single use sterile equipment

When it comes to semi permanent makeup, cheap, isn’t always good value.  If you then have to spend hundreds plus to put right bad work that’s not good value.

Semi permanent brows can enhance the look of your face and eyes, liner and lash enhancement can open your eyes up and enhance the shape and lip treatments define the shape of your lips and give the appearance of larger more evenly shaped lips.  These treatments done badly can ruin your looks and be stressful and painful to correct – if that is possible.

Its your face insist on the best.  Read about the treatment here