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Dermalogica Facial Treatments: How Our Chessington Beauticians Will Help Change Your Skin Forever

Here at Purity Beauty & Skin Clinic in Chessington, our beauticians use Dermalogica facial treatments as a great way to improve and maintain the health of your skin. Dermalogica make the promise on their website that your skin will never have felt as clean, or as healthy, as it will after one of their professional treatments.

We feel that it is important to understand your skin and its needs. This principle is something that all those who work at best beauty salons understand. In addition to being the best in Chessington and the wider Surrey area, the beauticians at Purity Skin Clinic are among the best trained in the industry as a whole.

All our therapists are trained by Dermalogica experts, as well as being certified by The International Dermal Institute, so you can be sure of our credentials. We give you the best products, by the best beauticians, offering the best treatments and advice in Chessington, Ewell, Surbiton, Esher and all of Surrey! We provide the following Dermalogica Treatments:

Face Mapping® Skin Analysis

Time it takes: 10 minutes Cost: Free

The Dermologica Face Mapping® skin analysis is billed as taking all "the guesswork out of getting results" and our specialists all agree. Your skin specialist will diagnose any issues you may have and prescribe a no-nonsense treatment plan to address 14 key facial zones. Our beauticians offer a professional consultation to give you a glimpse of the improvements that could be made to your skin.

Dermalogica Skin Bar®

Time it takes: 15 minutes Cost: Free

We prescribe a tailor-made regime for you which you can test drive under the guidance of one our professional beauticians at our Chessington clinic. At the Skin Bar®, you can learn about your skin with the patented Dermologica Face Mapping® system, while also learning to use these wonderful products, hands-on. Come to our clinic to try a few products and see how what you think - you'll be amazed!

The Dermalogica® Skin Treatment

Time it takes: 60 minutes

We customise the Dermalogica Skin Treatment completely for the needs of your skin. We base your regimen on zone-by-zone Face Mapping® skin analysis, as well as in-depth consultation with you. Because your needs change, it is likely that you will find the treatment is different every time!

Each skin treatment includes exfoliation, extractions (if needed), professional double cleansing, toner, masque and skin protection. To complement the treatment, we are able to add Touch Therapy to make you feel even more relaxed. Our beauticians may choose from the following Dermalogica products to make your skin look its best:

Dermalogica AGE smart®

If your skin is showing signs of premature ageing, why not come and see the expert beauticians and skin specialists at our Chessington clinic for help? We use Dermologica AGE Smart® to revitalise, firm, smooth and nourish your skin and to keep the triggers that can lead to skin ageing under control.


The Dermalogica UltraCalming™ products provide much needed relief for sensitive skin to soothe even the most inflamed and irritated skin.

MediBac Clearing®

Say good riddance to adult acne with this powerful line of products designed to clear and prevent acne well after the treatment is complete.


If you worry about pigmentation on your skin, come to our Chessington clinic and have our expert beauticians use this treatment to brighten and clear your complexion, improve skin tone to create a healthier, fresher appearance.


Time it takes: 20 minutes

If you want a professional skin treatment but you're a little pushed for time, come to Purity in Chessington to get on-the-spot MicroZone® treatments. Our beauticians address your biggest concerns hands-on with this quick-fix for troubled skin.

Dermalogica Touch Therapies

While our experts can tell you pretty much everything you need to know about skin, only you know how your skin feels. With this in mind, we enable you to customise your own Dermalogica skin treatment with Touch Therapy. Choose from the following therapies:

  • Customised face massage (with shoulder and neck massage) to reduce stress
  • Stress relief for your back
  • Stress relief for your scalp
  • Stress relief for your hands and arms

Dermalogica® Teen Facial Treatment

Time it takes: 45 min

Our specialists offer treatment and advice for teenagers. The Dermologica products that the beauticians at our Chessington clinic use for this purpose are made for teenage skin and easy to use, effective and safe.

Dermalogica Express Facials (Microzone)

Each treatment takes: 20mins

These treatments take place at our Chessington salon and include:

Flash Exfoliation: Our beauticians use this treatment to firm, resurface, brighten and tone your skin. It can also help reverse signs of aging.

Eye Rescue: This is great for firming, toning and brightening tired eyes

Rapid Spot Clearing: This involves extensive cleansing, while also working to help skin recover from inflammation.

Blackhead Relief: This provides thorough cleansing for your pores, leaving your skin refreshed, purified and refined.

Lip Renewal: Conditioning treatment that makes your lips feel wonderfully smooth

Hand Treatment: Our Chessington beauticians offer the most intense exfoliation and moisturising to give you silky-smooth hands.

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