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Semi Permanent Makeup and Micro Blading by Professional Beauticians in Chessington

At Purity Beauty and Skin Clinic, we have an expert in semi-permanent makeup and micro blading on our team. Gill trains with one of the top trainers in the industry several times every year. This helps keep her skills are up to date, which in turn provides ladies in and around Chessington with semi-permanent makeup of the highest standard.

Gill is now a trainer in semi-permanent makeup and micro blading for Advanced Aesthetics International. She covers Surrey and parts of London teaching semi-permanent makeup, micro blading and other beauty and aesthetic treatments. Purity Beauty and Skin Clinic is an approved VTCT centre and all training is accredited by VTCT. If you would be interested in learning any new skills in the beauty sector please contact Gill who will be pleased to offer assistance.

Expert Micro-Pigmentation in Chessington

The specialist technique we use to create semi-permanent make-up and micro blading is often referred to as micro-pigmentation. This involves placing tiny particles of coloured pigment just below the surface of the skin.

These pigments are made from minerals. As natural substances, they rarely cause any allergic reaction. Despite this, you must have a patch test at least 24 hours before you undergo any semi-permanent makeup and micro blading treatment with the beauticians at our clinic in Chessington. This helps to make absolutely sure there are no issues in your case.

We would advise not using any beauty salons in Chessington or anywhere else that do not ask you in for a patch test prior to a procedure. We also recommend that you ask about hygiene to be sure of reducing the chance of infection. Good beauticians will be able to reassure you of their dedication to cleanliness.

As experienced and highly-qualified beauticians, we ensure that our semi-permanent makeup and micro blading procedures are safe and clean. The most popular procedures at our Chessington salon are the application of colour to the eyebrows, top and bottom eyeliner shading, beauty spots, full lip blends and lip liner.

Although the colouring from the treatment will fade after 2 to 4 years, some colour will remain. The effect of micro-pigmentation is similar to that of a tattoo as the new pigment is deposited just below the surface of the skin in its dermal layer. For this reason, it is likely there will be a small amount of peeling and scabbing while the area heals. Yet it will not hinder your work or life in general.

Semi-permanent makeup and micro blading can make you look wonderful. Well-defined and shaped eyebrows will complement your eyes, lash liner will make your lashes look thicker and bring out the colour in your eyes. Lip liner makes your lips look fuller and gives them more colour.

Gill uses her skills in semi-permanent makeup and micro blading to give you beautiful, natural looking eyebrows, lips and eyes all day, every day. She carefully selects colours to suit your skin and hair tones, which in turn enhances your natural beauty and keeps you looking your best 24 hours a day.

Attention Beauty Salons in and Around Chessington!

As our resident industry expert, Gill is also available for work at other beauty salons in Chessington and its surrounding areas. If you own a salon and would like to offer your customers the benefit of Gill's expertise, please get in touch.

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